What to see in Salento

LECCE – Olivetani’s monastery

Our trip starts from Lecce, which is the most important city in Salento with its 95.000 inhabitants. Lose yourself in the historic center and be amazed by the buildings and the churches made up of local stones. Going sightseeing, you will bump into paper Mache laboratories (still in use since ancient times). Then you’ll reach the Olivetani’s monastery, an old convent which dates back XII century provided with two cloisters with a well in the center, Salomonic columns and a dome. Today this monastery houses the University of Cultural heritage of Salento.

Melendugno – Grotta della Poesia

Along with the amazing Adriatic sea, “Grotta della Poesia” situated in Melendugno will enchant you. A legend tells that a beautiful princess used to have a bath in these waters. Her beauty inspired poets from all over the world. Today this cave is one of the most attracting destination in Salento.


Otranto is the easternmost part in Salento. Defensive walls surround the city, which is characterized by streets and alleys along with white houses. The architecture suggests Greek, Byzantine and Aragonese dominion. Aragonese Castle and Byzantine Church of St. Pietro are particularly interesting. According to the legend, St. Pietro walked here during is travel from Palestine to Rome. The crystal water of the sea makes Otranto one of the most appealing destination in Salento, particularly in summer.

Corigliano d’Otranto – Castello

Here we are in the Castle of Corigliano, with its squared map and four round shaped towers. It dates back to medieval age but it has been readapted according to the needs of the war in the sixteenth century. The façade of the Castle, full of human figures, has been realized a century later by a local architect. The legend reveals the presence of a ghost woman inside the castle. Today two towers have been turned into apartments for tourists. Would you be ready to face your fears and sleep here?

Corigliano d’Otranto – Masseria Appidé

It seems like a golden casket and gives off a fragrance of sugar and vanilla. When the fork rips it, many aromas come out with a delicious cream enclosed in a dough, which is soaked in vanilla custard. We are talking about the fantastic “pasticciotto”.

Castro Marina

Even a cloudy day offers breathtaking views. Castro Marina is the icing on the cake on the shore. The poem “Eneide” reports this place as a landing place for Enea.

Borgo di Specchia

Specchia is one of the most beautiful village in Italy. It grows on a high ground between the seas. Walking through this place you may lose yourself in the local traditions.

Borgo di Presicce

It’s a subterranean city. It was used as a olive-press. Workers used to live here without sunlight for six months. The high umidity level allowed to work here even in winter.


Not only is Gallipoli famous for its beaches and sea but also the alleys are particularly impressive. The front of historical courtes and all the architectural details make Gallipoli a work of art. Last but not least, you may admire the spectacular Ionio sea from flowery balconuies.


We are in the southernmost part of Salento. Leuca is one of the best places where you can admire the breathtaking sunset. Our trip stops right here at Bagno Marinelli.