Ilice B&B offers five bright and elegant rooms with a own entrance each. You’ll choose between “Lupiae”, “Luppia”, “Licea”, “Litium”, and “Liccio” room, which reflect the firsts names of the chief town before being called “Lecce”.

For an unforgettable and exclusive experience, our rooms are characterised by an unusual atmosphere, inspired by the colours of our beautiful land: the blue of the sea, the red of the sunset, the yellow of the sun, the green of the olive trees and the orange of the acorns of the oaks. Our accommodations are characterised by a unique design which makes pleasant your holiday, getting together innovations, traditions and hospitality.

Luppia Room

Luppia RoomFrom 180,00€

Licea Room

Licea RoomFrom 180,00€

Lupiae Room

Lupiae RoomFrom 180,00€

Liccio Room

Liccio RoomFrom 180,00€

Litium Room

Litium RoomFrom 180,00€